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22 February 2018 - Seeds of change

The nights are drawing out which must mean that Spring is on the way! We'd like to celebrate by turning the whole Department green. Specifically, we want to get you all growing your own vegetables etc. at home.

If you go to the table on Level 5 you will find a whole range of seeds and some compostable plant pots which are free to anyone who wants them (sorry soil not provided). Available seeds include:

  • Pepper
  • Cress
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Beetroot
  • Tomato
  • Radish
  • Spring onion

Please take as many seeds packets as you like (first come first served). The original seed packets are on the table so you can take a photo of the sowing and growing instructions (please don't remove the original packets).

If you grow more produce than you need you could even bring some back into the department to share with your wonderful colleagues. Or, you could even combine your efforts to make a salad! Lettuce know how you get on.


16 February 2018 - Pirate treasure hunt

Thank you to everyone who took part in our pirate themed treasure hunt on Valentines Day in aid of the British Heart Foundation.  The winners were Emma Chipchase and Karen Smith.

2 February 2018 -  Green Travel Day update

‚ÄčOn our first Green Travel Day we encouraged you to travel to work in a more sustainable way. We set of target of 5% of staff in the Department choosing a more sustainable method of transport. We actually saw an increase of 11.7%! This is a fantastic result and we hope you'll continue to travel green.

25 January 2018 - Green Travel Day

We wanted to let you know about our new sustainable travel campaign.

To kick start our campaign we are holding a Green Travel Day on Friday 2 February. We would like everyone to think about how they travel to work, and where possible, choose the environmentally friendly way to travel.

On the 2nd we will send round a quick google poll to find out how you normally travel to work, compared with how you travelled to work that day. As this is our first green travel day, we're aiming for a 5% increase in staff choosing a sustainable method of transport.

There are many ways that you can travel 'green' to work or around the campus: there's the obvious walking but did you know the University has a car sharing scheme, and you can get discounted public transport passes?

At the moment bright sunshine and a balmy 7 degrees is forecast for next Friday, so why not use your commute as a way to soak up some rays and try walking to work. You can even search your route via walkit and find out how much CO2 you save!

Green Impact Travel Day

24 January 2018 - Green Impact update

We just wanted to send a quick update update/reminder about some of the current Green Impact work going on in the Department.

As advised previously, between December and February we are aiming to reduce the amount of printing we do as a department by 5% in comparison with the same period last year. We're now half way through and wanted to remind you to only print when it is essential to do so. If you do need to print also think about printing multiple sides per sheet in order to reduce the amount of paper used. Lets beat that target!

We've put some new posters up around some of the recycling bins that highlight which items can and cannot be recycled. Please check carefully that you are putting things in the right bin. There has been lots in the news recently about how once use coffee cups are aren't generally recyclable. The cups may not be but the plastic lids are, so please do separate!

Just a polite reminder to turn off lights in meeting rooms when you leave. They do turn off themselves after about a while but not turn them off as soon as you leave.

Re-usable cups
Reusable coffee cups are a great alternative to one use cups. Did you know that all University cafes now offer a 20p discount for using a reusable cup? If you regularly pop down to the Arts Tower cafe why not get yourself a reusable cup. You'll soon make the money back and will help make a difference to the environment. Similar offers are also available from Costa, Nero, Starbucks and others.

For more information on the Green Impact work being carried out in the Department and the wider University as well as environmental issues more generally please follow our Twitter feed @uoshrgreenimp

Thanks for being green!