2015–16 National pay negotiations

The 2015-16 national pay negotiations have now concluded and the pay award will be implemented in November’s payroll, with arrears to August 2015, for staff on the University of Sheffield Grading Structure, and the Professorial and Professorial Equivalent Pay Schemes. The pay award is 1% for all but the first 8 points on the grading scheme, where larger increases will apply (see below for details).

The pay uplift is above inflation for all staff and ensures that University of Sheffield staff on the grading structure continue to be paid at or above the Living Wage Campaign new rate of £7.85 per hour.

The following amendments to the pay spine will be implemented with retrospective effect from 1 August 2015:

Point % increase Annual salary Equivalent hourly rate
1 2.65% £14,323 £7.85
2 2.4% £14,599 £8.00
3 2.2% £14,953 £8.19
4 2.0% £15,258 £8.36
5 1.8% £15,632 £8.57
6 1.6% £16,017 £8.78
7 1.4% £16,357 £8.96
8 1.2% £16,776 £9.19
all other points 1.0%

The full grading structure is available on our Pay and Grading webpages.

The national pay award is just one component of the total reward package that staff at the University receive as part of The Deal, which includes pay progression for contribution for staff on Grades 1 to 9 each year, the opportunity for accelerated increments for exceptional contribution, recognition awards and a wide range of other benefits. For more information you can access your personalised total reward portal via Muse.


This year's pay negotiations cover a period where there will be large increases in staff costs for all higher education employers. Changes to the rates of National Insurance contributions in April 2016 will add approximately 2.5% to pay bills, and the proposed changes to USS will add a further 2% to costs for staff in eligible grades.

Last year, the University spent £209 million on wages and salaries, plus £17 million on National Insurance and £42 million on pension contributions. This was an increase on the previous year's pay bill of £193 million. The University has made a large investment in staff numbers, with the headcount at 31 July 2015 reaching 7,802, up from 7,243 the previous year.