Guidance for Academic Heads of Department (HoDs)


These pages contain information for Academic Heads of Department and includes guidance around many important aspects of the role. 

As a Head of Department you are responsible for the development of all aspects of the department, this can in terms of research and innovation, staff development and student experiences. You will be the role model and leader who will provide direction and focus, whilst allow creative solutions which may arise.

The role of Head of Department is challenging, fulfilling and hopefully enjoyable. It provides an opportunity for you to develop the department in line with the University and Faculty strategies whilst allowing you to explore new avenues in partnership with your staff. 

Follow the links below for information on some of the key aspects of the role. The right hand links lead to avenues of support including contact details and development opportunities across the University. 

If you have any questions relating to Academic Heads of Department please contact the Human Resources Faculty teams.