Heads of Department Recruitment and Selection Process

The recruitment process for Academic Heads of Department usually begins in the summer term, at least one year before the current role holder’s term of office is due to end. This is to allow for a smooth transition between the outgoing and incoming head.

An About the Job for Academic Heads of Department can be downloaded via the right hand link.

1. The Faculty Vice President meets with the current Head to discuss and confirm the scheduled cessation date of their term. The Heads of Department’s office can be renewed and/or extended by joint agreement of the Faculty Vice President and the Head of Department.

A decision is made to advertise the role.

2. The Head of Department vacancy is advertised across the department, outlining details about the role, timescales and the process for applying (ordinarily a CV and a covering letter).

Applications are received.

3. The Faculty Vice President (or delegate) writes to the department to confirm which applications have been received and provides the opportunity for staff to provide feedback or comments about the applicants and their suitability for the position.
4. A selection panel is convened to interview applicants. The Panel is chaired by the Faculty Vice-President and will include a member of UEB. Additional panel members will normally include a cognate Head of Department from the Faculty, the Director of Faculty Operations, an HR adviser for the Faculty, a Professor from the department and a non-professorial academic member of staff from the department.
5. Applicants are interviewed. The Faculty panel makes the recommendation to the VC, the VC's decision is final. The successful applicant is announced to the Faculty.
6. The Faculty HR Manager will speak to the new Head of Department to discuss the arrangements for shadowing and any individual training or development needs.
7. A Faculty specific induction for new Heads of Department is arranged.
8. The new Head of Department will ordinarily start in August or September.
9. A meeting is held with the Vice-Chancellor, ordinarily within 2 months of the Head commencing their role.

Whilst the recruitment process will usually be internal, the Faculty may seek to recruit externally at any point in the process. This may be appropriate if the department has been newly established or if the internal recruitment process proves to be unsuccessful (i.e. no appropriate and willing successor can be identified from within the department).