Stage 2 - Findings

Following on from the formal investigation the Panel will prepare a confidential report of its conclusions and recommendations and send it to the NP. Such recommendations might include: referral to another University procedure e.g. disciplinary or capability procedure, informing external organisations of the outcome, taking actions to safeguard research participants and patients, whether any action will be required to correct the record of research, withdrawal/repayment of funding, review of internal management and/or training and/or supervisory procedures for research.

Upon submission of the investigation report to the NP, the NP, in liaison with the Faculty HR Manager and at least one other member of senior staff (e.g. Respondent’s HOD), should consider the panel’s conclusions/recommendations and decide what action should be taken.

The decision of the Named Person, at both the preliminary investigation and formal investigation is final. There is no right of appeal at either stage of this procedure.