How to report Research Misconduct

Individuals with a concern are encouraged, in the first instance, to attempt to address informally either with the individual concerned or the appropriate Head of Department, or line manager. The Head of Department/line manager may seek to initiate an informal resolution process, in liaison with Human Resources e.g. via agreed mediation or a facilitated meeting. This approach may be relevant where the issue appears to be basic or minor or where there appears to be a potential misunderstanding or dispute between individuals.

In the event that the individual is not satisfied with the outcome of an informal approach, then the matter should be addressed formally.

A record of any informal concerns raised and outcomes should be made and retained by the relevant Head of Department/line manager. (Copied to the Ethics & Integrity Officer in Research Services (RS) for monitoring purposes).

A Head of Department/line manager should immediately forward all allegations they are made aware of, that they deem to be serious, to the Ethics & Integrity Officer, as informal resolution would not be appropriate in such cases.

Allegations found to be made frivolously, maliciously or vexatiously may result in a recommendation for referral of the complainant to the disciplinary procedure or other appropriate action.