Change Management Toolkit

This toolkit provides a good practice guide to support managers to manage change effectively. It aims to:

  • Maintain high levels of staff wellbeing and organisational performance
  • Alert managers to consider the potential scale and impact of change in relation to the collectively agreed University Change Management Policy, and associated procedures and processes.
  • Complement, rather than replace the involvement of Human Resources during change.

Further development activities are available to ensure managers feel equipped to manage staff through change.

It is worth noting that this toolkit assumes change will be managed and planned, although change may not always occur as a planned, managed event, and emergent change may require a different approach, which HR can advise you on. The scale and depth of the work involved at each stage will also depend on the scale and nature of change.

Change Management Toolkit Index

Policies and Procedures

Change Management Policy
Roles & Responsibilities
Restructuring Procedure
Redundancy Avoidance Procedure
Redeployment Procedure
Redundancy Procedure
Redundancy Payment Scheme
Data Protection Responsibilities

Tools for Staff

For Staff "At Risk" of Redundancy

Guidance for Staff "At Risk"
Glossary: Change Management Terms

Potential Expiry of Fixed-Term Contracts
Flowchart: Individual Consultation
Flowchart: FTC Notification & Redeployment Process

Suitable Alternative Employment (SAE)
FAQs: Suitable Alternative Employment

Flowchart: Redeployment & Notice Period
Guidance on the Redeployment Pool
FAQs: Redeployment Opportunities

Trial Periods
FAQs: Trial Periods

Flowchart: At Risk Phase
Flowchart: Individual Consultation
FAQs: Voluntary Redundancy

Tools for Managers

Individual Consultation for potential
expiry of Fixed-Term Contracts (FTC)

Flowchart: Individual Consultation

Fixed-Term Contracts
Flowchart: FTC Notification & Redeployment Process
Template: Individual Consultation Letter (FTC)
Template: Individual Consultation Meeting (For Managers)

Flowchart: Notice Period & Redeployment
Guidance on the Redeployment Pool
Manager Responsibilities Checklist - For Engagement in Redeployment
FAQs: Redeployment Opportunities

Tools for Managers

Managing Change

Managing Change Index

The Sheffield Professional provides a point of reference for the professional contribution to the university which can be used in managing change.