Change Management Glossary



At Risk Post at risk of redundancy due to organisational change/restructuring.
Collective Consultation Discussion with a group of staff or with trade union representatives about proposed changes/restructuring with a view to seeking feedback and making any agreed changes.
Enhanced Redundancy Payment (ERP) 2x statutory redundancy payment. Eligibility criteria of 24 months continuous service normally applies.
Job Matching Matching of existing posts in current structure to posts in the new structure with a view to appointing staff to similar posts following organisational change/restructuring.
Measures to avoid redundancy Actions which can be taken to reduce the possibility of staff being made redundant.
Redeployment Appointment to a post following a member of staff being at risk of redundancy which may be different in terms and conditions to the current post.
Redeployment Database A register on which staff at risk of redundancy can be placed with a view to being given a preferential interview for vacancies. The member of staff will register their skills/experience to be matched to vacancies.
Review Group A Group of senior staff, often chaired by the Faculty PVC, who will develop a business case for organisational change and may be involved in the collective consultation with trade unions and staff.
Ring-Fencing Staff who are affected by the organisational change /restructuring will be given priority for the selection and appointment to posts in the new structure.
Suitable Alternative Employment (SAE) A post which is offered to a member of staff in the new structure which is comparable to the terms and conditions of the existing post. Examples of such conditions relate to travel time, skill requirement.
Selection Criteria Criteria which will be taken into account to appoint to posts or to select for voluntary redundancy where there are more staff who wish to be considered for voluntary redundancy than can be approved. Such criteria may include qualifications, skills, absence record, any current disciplinary record.
Trial Period A period of 4 weeks whereby a member of staff appointed to a new post following organisational change/restructuring can assess and be assessed for suitability to the new role.
Voluntary Redundancy Employment is terminated on the grounds of redundancy, the member of staff having expressed an interest to be considered for redundancy as a result of organisational change.