This stage is about continuing to communicate by implementing the communication plan and implementing the change.

Work with Human Resources to:

Arrange Trial Periods

  • A trial period may be used to assess whether the post is suitable.

For more information see:

Build Capability/Skills for New Roles

(As required through training and development)

  • Help staff prepare for new roles with appropriate training and development opportunities;
  • Set objectives for new roles as soon as possible (Personal Development Plan Template).


  • Communicate change to stakeholders and customers;
  • Communicate short-term "wins" that are visible and clearly relate to the change effort.

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Help Staff to Adapt to Change

  • Be mindful of the potential impact of change on staff;
  • Involve staff in problem solving and developing new work processes etc;
  • Support staff through their notice period and redeployment phase, as appropriate.

For more information see:

Deal with Appeals

(e.g.relating to redundancies)

See Redundancy Procedure

Undertake Post-Change Administration

This may include:

  • Changing staff reporting lines on uBase;
  • Changing staff records;
  • SRDS arrangements, including determining who will be involved in the reviews (if managers have left);
  • Administration relating to trial periods, where applicable.