Guidance on Change Equality Impact Assessment

Given the aims of your proposals, what issues does your data /information highlight?

  • Consider your existing staff profile data and what effect the proposed change could have on workforce composition.
  • Does your current data show different success rates for different groups of people? For example do certain jobs attract/retain staff of a similar background?
  • As well as staff, consider what impact the proposals will have on students, visitors, alumni, and the wider community (e.g. impact on outreach activities) etc. For example, could the proposals impact on services to disabled students?
  • Think about what you might learn through consultation about the potential impact.
  • What can previous University/departmental/Faculty restructures tell us about any equality considerations required? Human Resources can help you with this.

How could the proposed change contribute to equality?

  • How could the change impact positively on equality? Can any aspects of the proposal contribute to this?
  • Could the proposed change cause barriers for anyone with protected characteristics? How?
  • Where job redesign is a possibility, could certain jobs be made more accessible to a wider group of applicants?
  • Is there anyone with different needs in relation to the proposed change or its implementation? What are they?

What action will you take?

  • If the change could have a positive impact on specific groups, take steps to ensure these are promoted through the change process. Consider marketing, communications, training, job design, etc.
  • Consider what action you should take in relation to any areas of potential adverse impact, taking advice from Human Resources. If redundancies are a possibility consider the criteria to use, e.g. ensure they don’t favour older or younger people, etc.
  • How will you monitor and review the impact of the change on specific groups, during and after the change?
  • Will you need to make changes to existing equality and diversity faculty plans?
  • What practical measures will be put in place to meet any specific needs of staff, e.g. accessibility of any meeting arrangements, communicating and consulting with staff on maternity/sick leave etc, offering written communications in different formats, reasonable adjustments for redeployed staff with disabilities etc.

Next Steps