Develop a Business Case/Change Action Plan/Communications Plan

A Change Plan Template is available from the right-hand link.

A developed action plan will:

Prioritise actions needed to be made to change/ systems/ processes/ technology/ equipment/ timings/ budget/ training etc.

Address any new knowledge/ skills/ behaviours/ capabilities needed for the change.

Prepare people for change, including:

  • Wellbeing
  • Communication (a separate plan may be needed)
  • Consultation (where appropriate) – collective and individual
  • Addressing equality issues

Development: Training/ mentoring/ coaching arrangements.

Identify who will be responsible for each action.

Outline milestones and timescales.

Identify evaluation requirements:

  • Determine what to measure to assess whether the change effort is progressing as expected and whether it is successful
  • A post-implementation review may be helpful to identify future learning for future change etc.

Seek executive approval of the proposed change plan, as appropriate.


You may also now be planning for effective communications by developing a plan to deliver messages at various stages through the change, and to different audiences.

Communication is different to consultation. Communication is about sharing your plans with others, whereas consultation is about seeking input before making decisions.

You should aim to manage people’s expectations by: giving sufficiently clear information, being realistic, and being open and honest.

For Top Tips for Communication of Change, see right hand link.