Suitable Alternative Employment - FAQs

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  1. What is Suitable Alternative Employment (SAE)?

    The University has a legal duty as an employer to look for Suitable Alternative Employment (SAE) for an employee at risk of redundancy.

    Suitable Alternative Employment (SAE) is a position which is offered to a member of staff which is comparable to the terms and conditions of their existing post.

    The suitability of the offered position would depend upon:

    - the similarity of the work to your current job;
    - your skills, abilities and personal circumstances;
    - the pay and benefits of the job;
    - hours and location of the job.

  2. Who makes the decision whether the position is Suitable Alternative Employment (SAE)?

    The manager of the member of staff at risk of redundancy will consider opportunities for Suitable Alternative Employment (SAE), taking into account the factors mentioned in Question 1.

  3. If I am offered Suitable Alternative Employment (SAE), will I have a trial period in the new position?

    In some cases, it may be beneficial for you to undertake a trial period in the new position. This may be helpful to assess the suitability of the position, by both the department and yourself, particularly if the post is significantly different to your former post.

    For more information see: Trial Periods FAQs on right-hand link.

  4. What happens if I refuse an offer of Suitable Alternative Employment?

    If the refusal is made with no valid reasons, you will be deemed to have resigned and will lose your right to a redundancy payment, if eligible. The University is not obliged to search for further alternative posts if the offer was suitable and would have avoided a redundancy situation.

  5. What happens if I refuse Suitable Alternative Employment because the position isn’t being entirely suitable?

    In these circumstances, if all other options have been exhausted during the period at risk, your employment will be terminated on the grounds of redundancy and, if eligible, you will receive a redundancy payment.