Voluntary Redundancy - FAQs

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  1. Do I still need to consult with my staff if I am offering voluntary redundancy?

    Yes. Voluntary redundancy results in the employee’s contract of employment being terminated on the grounds of redundancy and therefore the required consultation still needs to occur with the affected staff and trade union representatives.

  2. Has a manager the right to offer voluntary redundancy if s/he wishes to in circumstances of organisational change?

    No. Employees do not have an automatic right to voluntary redundancy. The University’s aim is to minimise redundancy and wherever possible to offer redeployment or pursue other measures to avoid redundancy. The option of offering voluntary redundancy must be agreed in advance of the implementation of the change programme with the Review Group and in conjunction with Human Resources.  It should be discussed with the Trade Unions during early collective consultation.

  3. How can I ensure that the member of staff receives all the necessary information they require before making a decision to take voluntary redundancy?

    Human Resources will be able to offer support and information as well as the member of staff’s trade union representative.

  4. What if a greater number of staff express an interest in voluntary redundancy than can be allowed to leave on the grounds of redundancy?

    In these cases, selection criteria would need to be developed to fairly select the staff who would be approved to leave on the grounds of voluntary redundancy. Human Resources will assist with the development of such criteria.

  5. What payment will a member of staff receive if they leave their employment on the grounds of voluntary redundancy?

    The package to be offered, and eligibility criteria will have been determined by the Review Group during early consultation with the Trade Unions,  if it is to be different to the normal provision of an enhanced redundancy payment for staff with two or more years continuous service.