Contractual Relationships

Welcome to the University of Sheffield’s Contractual Relationships Toolkit.

This toolkit, which should be read in conjunction with the Contractual Relationships Key Principles, provides a good practice guide to support managers in making appropriate decisions on the employment status of any individual undertaking work in their department.

Contractual Relationships Toolkit Index

Policy and Procedure

Contractual Relationships Key Principles
Governance & Contracts of Employment

Step 1: Considering Needs

1.1 Assessing needs when a staff vacancy arises or a new need is identified

Step 2: Determining Appropriate Contract Type

2.1 Determining Appropriate Contract Type Flowchart
2.2 Determining Agreement Type

Step 3: Understanding Different Contract Types

3.1 Contract Summary: Open-Ended employee
3.2 Contract Summary: Fixed-Term employee
3.3 Contract Summary: Worker, e.g. with a ‘Registration Agreement for Casual Work’
3.4 Contract Summary: Sheffield Graduate Training Contract
3.5 Contract Summary: Self Employed / Agreement for Service(s)
3.6 Contract Summary: Agency Worker

Step 4: Engagement Processes

4.1 Engagement Process: Open-ended employee
4.2 Engagement Process: Fixed Term employee

4.3 Engagement Process: Worker, e.g. with a ‘Registration Agreement for Casual Work’
4.4 Engagement Process: Sheffield Graduate Training Contract
4.5 Engagement Process: Self Employed / Agreement for Service(s)
4.6 Engagement Process: Agency Worker
Immigration & Criminal Records Checks
Recruitment, Selection and Induction

Step 5: Regular Review

5. Need for Regular Review

Help and Support

Contractual Relationships FAQs
Employment Rights Summary
Pay Rates and Determining Pay
HR Glossary
HR Contacts

Other Related Information

Regularisation of Atypical (Hourly Paid Teachers and other casuals) Workers (Completed 2011)
Scope of review
Historical Description of Regularisation Process

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