The University cannot always predict the exact staffing levels it will require. The University therefore operates a bank for casual workers. This agreement records the terms on which a casual work relationship is entered into between you and the University.


This agreement governs your engagement from time to time by the University of Sheffield (the University) as a casual worker. This is not an employment agreement and does not confer any employment rights on you (other than those to which workers are entitled). In particular, it does not create any obligation on the University to provide work to you and by entering into this agreement you confirm your understanding that the University makes no promise or guarantee of a minimum level of work to you and you will work on a flexible, "as required" basis. It is the intention of both you and the University that there be no mutuality of obligation between the parties at anytime when you are not performing an assignment.

You must agree to the terms of this agreement before you may carry out any casual work in the University.


It is entirely at the University's discretion whether to offer you work and the University is under no obligation to provide work to you at any time.

The University reserves the right to give or not give work to any person at any time and is under no obligation to give any reasons for such decisions.

Each offer of work by the University which you accept shall be treated as an entirely separate and severable engagement (an assignment). The terms of this agreement shall apply to each assignment but there shall be no relationship between the parties after the end of one assignment and before the start of any subsequent assignment.

The fact that the University has offered you work, or offers you work more than once, shall not confer any legal rights on you and, in particular, should not be regarded as establishing an entitlement to regular work or conferring continuity of employment.

If the University wants to offer you any work, the relevant Head of Department or designate will contact you. If you do not accept or undertake any assignment for the University within a rolling 6 month period, the University may automatically terminate this agreement.

The University reserves the right to terminate an assignment at any time for operational reasons (including before the assignment begins). You will be paid for all work done during the assignment up to the time it is terminated.

In order to assist the University in organising work, please complete the Registration Form and return to the department for authorisation. It is your responsibility to inform the University of any changes to these details.

When you accept an assignment you must undertake that assignment unless you are sick, you are on holiday or you provide the University with at least one weeks written notice.
With the prior written approval of your Head of Department or designate you may swap shifts with another person who is currently registered on the University bank.

The University may offer you work from time to time. The precise description and nature of your work may be varied with each assignment and you may be required to carry out other duties as necessary to meet business needs. You will be informed of the requirements at the start of each assignment.

Before offering you an assignment the University will require certain documents from you in order to satisfy itself that you are legally entitled to work in the UK.

You confirm that you are legally entitled to work in the UK without any additional immigration approvals and agree to notify the University immediately if you cease to be so entitled at any time.

You confirm that you are not barred from working with children or vulnerable adults and you are not involved in any ongoing proceedings with the Disclosure and Barring Service, Access NI or Disclosure Scotland. You agree to undergo a criminal records check and barred list check if required for any particular assignment

The University may offer you work at any of the University's locations. You will be informed of the relevant place of work for each assignment. You will not be entitled to any expenses or payment for travel time to/from the place of work for any assignment.

Your hours of work will vary depending on the operational requirements of the University. You will be informed of the required hours for each assignment.

You will be entitled to an unpaid lunch break of one hour where your assignment requires you to work more than six hours in any one day.

The University must ensure that it does not offer you work which would result in you working for more than 48 hours in any week (averaged over a rolling 17 week period).

You must keep the University informed of the hours that you work for third parties so that it can comply with this obligation.

10. PAY
You must submit properly completed claim information to your department authorised by your head of department or designate, using the agreed claim procedure. This will then be submitted to the Payroll and Expenses Office, Department of Finance. Failure to submit properly completed claim information may result in your payment being delayed or withheld.

You will only be paid for the hours that you work if the work is booked via your Head of Department or designate. The hourly rate of pay will depend on the particular assignment and you will be notified of the rate of pay at the time the assignment is offered. You will be paid monthly in arrears on or about the last working day of each month directly into your bank account for the hours worked in the previous month.

The University will make all necessary deductions from your salary as required by law including pension contributions which may be required and shall be entitled to deduct from your pay or other payments due to you any money which you may owe to the University at any time for any reason.

You are entitled to join a pension scheme appropriate to the grade at which you are undertaking work at the University from time to time. Details of the pension schemes in operation at the University can be found on the University web pages.

The earnings you are paid in any pay reference period (each calendar month at the University) will be assessed in line with the automatic enrolment duties placed on the University under the Pensions Act 2008.
The University will apply a period of postponement of up to three months from the date you first work at the University after the University's staging date (1 April 2013) in assessing your pay against the automatic enrolment criteria, in line with the legislation. Thereafter your earnings paid in each pay reference period will be assessed on a monthly basis against the automatic enrolment criteria.
Should you meet the criteria stipulated from time to time to qualify for automatic enrolment into a pension scheme under the Pensions Act 2008, you will be automatically enrolled into the scheme appropriate to the work you undertook at the point at which you triggered the criteria. Under the legislation you will have member contributions deducted from your pay in the month in which you are automatically enrolled and every subsequent month thereafter, in line with the prevailing rates stated for the scheme(s) you are enrolled into.

Under the legislation you may choose to opt out of the pension scheme you have been automatically enrolled into by completing the appropriate opt out notification (as explained on our web pages). Should you do this within one month of being automatically enrolled, you will receive your member contributions back and will be returned to a position as if you had not been automatically enrolled into the scheme. Should you decide to opt out of the pension scheme into which you have been automatically enrolled, your opt out notification will last up to three years, or the third year after the University's staging date, whichever expires sooner.

Your holiday entitlement will depend on the number of hours that you actually work and be pro-rated on the basis of a full-time entitlement of 28 days' holiday during each full holiday year (including all public holidays in England and Wales). The University's holiday year runs between 1 October and 30 September.

At the end of each assignment the University will pay you in lieu of any accrued but untaken holiday for the holiday year in which the assignment ends. The amount of the payment in lieu will be calculated on the basis that each day of paid holiday equals seven times your hourly rate at the time of termination.

If you have taken more holiday than your accrued entitlement at the date that your assignment ends, the University shall be entitled to deduct from any payment due to you one day's pay (on the basis that a day's pay equals seven times your current hourly rate) for each excess day.

If you have accepted an offer of work but are subsequently unable to work the hours agreed, you must notify the Head of Department or designate for your assignment of the reason for your absence as soon as possible but no later than 1 hour before your start time on the first day of absence.

If you satisfy the qualifying conditions laid down by law, you will be entitled to receive statutory sick pay (SSP) at the prevailing rate in respect of any period of sickness or injury during an assignment, but you will not be entitled to any other payments from the University during such period.

Depending on the assignment you may be required to attend an Occupational Health assessment and be deemed fit before you can start the assignment.

You consent to us holding and processing, both electronically and manually, the data that we collect about you, in the course of your working relationship with us, for the purposes of the administration and management of our staff and our business and for compliance with applicable laws, procedures and regulations.

During each assignment you are required at all times to comply with the relevant University rules, policies and procedures in force from time to time including but not limited to Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and Smoking.

You shall not use or disclose to any person, either during or at any time after your engagement by the University, any confidential information about the business or affairs of the University or about any other matters which may come to your knowledge as a result of carrying out assignments. For the purposes of this clause, confidential information means any information or matter which is not in the public domain and which relates to the affairs of the University.

The restriction in this clause does not apply to:
(a) prevent you from making a protected disclosure within the meaning of section 43A of the Employment Rights Act 1996; or
(b) use or disclosure that has been authorised by the University or is required by law or in the course of your duties.

All documents, manuals, hardware and software provided for your use by the University, and any data or documents (including copies) produced, maintained or stored on the University's computer systems or other electronic equipment (including mobile phones), remain the property of the University.

Any University property in your possession and any original or copy documents obtained by you in the course of your work for the University shall be returned to the University at any time on request and in any event at the end of each assignment.

You must not remove any confidential information (in any format) from the University at any time unless you have the prior agreement of your Head of Department or designate.

If you wish your name to be removed from the University's Bank of  Casual Workers you should inform the HR department as soon as possible.

The University may remove your name from its bank of Casual Workers if you do not accept or undertake any assignment in a rolling 6 month period.

The University may terminate this agreement immediately if it reasonably considers that you have committed any serious breach of its terms or committed any act of gross misconduct. Non-exhaustive examples of gross misconduct include dishonesty, theft, fighting, misuse of drugs or alcohol or any other acts or omissions which might bring the University into disrepute.

Should you be dismissed from any other role which you hold in the University, this may prevent you from being included in the bank for casual workers, such a decision being entirely at the discretion of the University.

If you have been issued with a UCard/Identification Badge it should be clearly visible at all times whilst you are at the University. You should not wear your UCard/Identification Badge when you are not at the University. You must return any UCard/Identification Badge at the end of each assignment or if requested by your Head of Department or designate. You must inform Corporate Information & Computing Services if you lose your UCard, or the department if you lose your Identification Badge as soon as possible.

If you are registered student at the University while registered on the bank of casual workers you must consider the ‘Protocol for Managing the Dual Relationship of University of Sheffield Students Who Work at the University’ as well as the requirements set out below:

• You agree to comply with any relevant requirements placed on you with regard to the maximum number of hours you are able to work under any student visa or funding body restrictions, or recommendations made by your academic department.
• You must ensure that any activities you undertake within your student role e.g. committee member, must not conflict with the responsibilities associated with the terms of this agreement.
• Any concerns relating to your conduct, competence or fitness to practise as a student may be addressed under the relevant University procedure. If at any time you are excluded or removed from your studies at the University, this may prevent you from being included in the bank for casual workers, such a decision being entirely at the discretion of the University.

The University may review its requirement for casual workers from time to time and/or may update the terms on which it offers such work. In the event of any changes to the terms on which it is prepared to engage casual workers the University may terminate this agreement with immediate effect by giving notice in writing to you and you may, at the University's absolute discretion, be offered a new agreement for casual work.

This agreement is intended to fully reflect the intentions and expectations of both parties as to our future dealings and in the event of any dispute regarding your engagement as a casual worker by the University it shall be regarded as a true, accurate and exhaustive record of the terms on which we have agreed to enter into a casual work relationship. Any variation to this agreement will only be valid where it is recorded in writing and no additional or modified terms should be implied by any other actions of you or the University.

You confirm that you have read and understood the contents of this document.

This agreement will be governed by the law of England and Wales.