Governance and contracts of employment

The conditions on which contracts of employment are based are regulated by the Council of the University. The Council has delegated its powers to make initial appointments in the case of professors and academic staff of comparable status to the President and Vice-Chancellor and in every other case to the Director of Human Resources.

Overall conditions of service are contained in the individual contract of employment, the provisions of the University's charter and statutes and agreed University staffing policies and procedures. The individual contract of employment is fundamental. The written terms of an individual's contract of employment are contained in the letter of appointment and attached documents referred to in that letter including the standard terms and conditions of service appropriate to the grade and the further particulars of the post.

No member of the University apart from the President and Vice-Chancellor or the Director of Human Resources has authority to make any offer to, or to notify any change in the terms and conditions of appointment of, any new or existing member of staff. If any other member of staff purports to make any offer or effect any change in the terms and conditions of appointment as aforesaid, the University will not be bound by any such offer or change.

While information on the Human Resources web pages quotes from and explains some of the standard conditions of service of members of staff, it is not in itself evidence of any contract between an individual member of staff and the University. Such evidence is contained only in formal contractual documents such as a letter of appointment and any other written documentation to which the letter of appointment expressly refers. Members of staff may obtain from the Director of Human Resources copies of such documents relating to their own appointments if the originals are mislaid.

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