Making Claims

Claims should be submitted to Payroll by email ( using the Claim Spreadsheet, this should contain claims for multiple workers.

Claims cannot be processed until the claimant has completed the Registration Form for Payment of Workers and this has been processed by Human Resources. When a registration form is processed the worker will receive an email with their Payroll number.  Following registration, should the casual worker need to change any of their personal or bank details, please see Changing Your Details.


In line with HMRC regulations, all fees are taxed at source. In order for the correct tax code to be applied to a workers earnings, the tax details check box on the Registration Form should be completed fully. If a Casual Workers Tax circumstances change they should contact Human Resources.

Payment for work

Claims can be submitted on a monthly or weekly basis, detailing the hours worked and rate of pay. In some cases this may be part way through an engagement. Claims may include more than one type of work, each paid at different rates.

IMPORTANT - Tier 4 Student Visa Holders

Tier 4 student visa holders must make claims on a weekly basis, week commencing Monday. Tier 4 student visa holders have restrictions on the amount of hours that can be worked in all jobs combined and no work must be carried out beyond the limitations of their visa. In non-vacation periods this is limited to 10 or 20 hours per week depending upon the level of study.

If the Tier 4 student is at PhD/MPhil level and working full time during a period of annual leave, please provide a completed Tier 4 annual leave permission form from their department/supervisor confirming their dates of vacation to Click here to download the template.

Annual leave

For each period of work annual leave entitlement should be calculated. Payment sought for annual leave should be listed separately on the spreadsheet using the correct Wage Type. The Claims Spreadsheet will automatically calculate the correct amount of holiday pay.  For more details, see Annual Leave Arrangements for Casual Workers.

Payment of expenses for Casual Workers

Payment may be provided for expenses incurred by the worker when carrying out the duties of their role, claims should be made using the Staff Expense Claim Form. The claimant should describe each travel/subsistence expense and the purpose for which incurred. All original receipts should be attached to the form, otherwise payment will not be processed. Credit/debit card receipts cannot be accepted as they do not itemise goods and services purchased, nor do they show the VAT element of the purchase.  Payment of non-receipted expenses can be processed via the Claims Spreadsheet.

Pay Rates

Please note that to ensure fairness and equality in the way that all employees and workers are compensated, University-wide rates are in use to determine pay for Casual Workers. These replace both University or departmentally-determined rates for teaching and demonstrating. Please ensure that these rates are used.

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