Registering New Casual Workers

When a new Casual Worker is first recruited, they should complete the Registration Form for Payment of Workers and access the Registration Agreement for Casual Work. Casual Workers should then submit this form to the department for authorisation who should then send this to Human Resources by email (

When registering a new Casual Worker, you must ensure that an Eligibility to Work (ETW) Check has taken place. ETW evidence must be sent to HR along with the Registration Form, ETW evidence must be clear and legible. Each page must contain your name and signature as well as the date the check was performed. In order for a check to be valid you must include a copy of the personal details page and any UK visas. If these details are not completed then the form will be returned to you by HR.

Claim Process Payment Dates ETW Email HR

** The following fields must be completed in order for the worker to be registered; email address, grade, point, type of work undertaken, date of birth, home address.  Click here for Guidance for Managers on Eligibility to Work [ETW].