Registration Agreement for the University Bank

The Registration Agreement for the University Bank has been replaced by the Registration Agreement For Casual Work with effect from 1 July 2013.

The Bank Agreement means simply that the individual will be included as one of a number of individuals in a `bankĀ“ register within a department. They may be called upon, often at short notice, to ascertain their availability to undertake a `work sessionĀ“ (see the Glossary for our definition of a work session).

Under this arrangement individuals can reject work prior to having commenced it (even after having originally agreed to undertake the work) and the University of Sheffield is under no obligation to provide or guarantee work. For further information on the Bank Agreement, please refer to the Summary of the University Bank Agreement (see the right hand link).

Guidance on how to use a Registration Agreement for the University Bank Template

Having determined that a Bank Agreement is applicable the department will need to undertake the following:

  • Gain the relevant departmental authorisation.
  • Download the 'Registration Agreement for the University Bank' template (see right hand link).
  • Complete the Agreement. This will require the department to incorporate the name of the Bank, name of any nominee in place of the Head of Department where appropriate, identification as to whether any enhanced rates will be provided for Public/Bank Holidays, and signatory details at the end of the Agreement. Do not seek to amend any other aspect of the Agreement without prior agreement with your customary HR Adviser.
  • Issue the Agreement, retaining a copy for departmental records.
  • Complete a Registration Form for Payment of Workers (see right hand link) and send this to the Pay & Pensions Office.
  • Ongoing administration and management of individuals on a Bank Agreement lies with departments (this includes the maintenance of records of engagements relating to individuals and processing of annual leave entitlements etc). See the attached spreadsheet, which should be used to record this information.
  • Regularly review such relationships to ensure the correct status continues to apply, seeking advice where necessary from your customary HR Adviser.