Students and Work

To manage the dual relationship that University of Sheffield students have with the University, both as students and as workers/employees, a Protocol has been developed. The Protocol includes the key principles and procedures of how to manage this relationship and has been developed by the Human Resources, Student Services and Research and Innovation Services.

The Protocol should be used as guidance by departments when engaging students.

Line managers of worker/employees who are University of Sheffield students should undertake the following:

  • Inform the student of their rights and responsibilities, as outlined in the Protocol, when they are first provided with an agreement/contract
  • Request the student to inform them if their student status changes during the course of their engagement/employment
  • Inform the relevant student support department (see contact details below) if an issue arises regarding an individual’s engagement/employment that merits consideration of their student status, as outlined in the Protocol, and to inform Human Resources (if they are not already aware) if this individual is an employee.

If a situation arises concerning a student´s relationship with the University and which the relevant student support department considers would impact upon their working relationship with the University the department engaging/employing them will be informed by Human Resources and will be advised of the necessary steps to be taken.

Please contact the relevant departments listed below for further information:

For advice and guidance on the working relationship with University of Sheffield students:

Human Resources - Faculty HR Team Contact

For advice and guidance on the student relationship of undergraduate and taught post graduate students:

Student Services – Sally Sutton ext. 29622

For advice and guidance on the student relationship of post graduate research students:

Research and Innovation Services - Joanne Rowlands ext. 22892

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