Re-Induction to work

The following guidance should be read in conjunction with the relevant University Policy and Procedure.

Planning for the return

In advance of the return to work, it is important for the staff member and their manager to discuss the working arrangements for the next few months. It may be particularly helpful to consider the following, where applicable:

  • The arrangements for the handover of work from other colleagues;
  • Updates on key projects/activities;
  • Flexible working applications;
  • Breastfeeding arrangements and risk assessments (if applicable);
  • Communications regarding the staff member’s return;
  • Training requirements, including the renewal of relevant Health and Safety Training e.g. Fire Training, DSE, Out of Hours etc;
  • SRDS objective setting;

If not already done so, the manager should use this opportunity to inform the staff member of any relevant developments: in the department, the staff member’s research (if applicable) and the University.

Returning from leave

It is recommended that a re-induction programme is organised for the staff member to be informally and formally welcomed back to work. This may include one-to-one meetings with key colleagues, and formal and informal communications to colleagues and key stakeholders.

The re-induction should ideally include regular meetings between the staff member and the manager to discuss how the transition back to work is going, any problem or issues which may have arisen and whether any additional support may be required. These regular meetings will ensure that any issues are resolved promptly.

The member of staff may also wish to link into the Parents@TuoS Network upon their return.

Further guidance and support 

FamilyFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions relating to all aspects of family leave, the FAQs below have been developed to support and guide both staff and managers.

FamilyFamily Leave

If you need information, guidance and support relating any of the family leave provisions available to staff at the University of Sheffield, this can be found at the link below.

FamilyCharities & Support Networks

The following links provide details of charities and support networks which may be helpful to both staff and managers.

JuiceJuice, Everyday Health & Wellbeing

Juice helps you take care of your everyday health and wellbeing at work, bringing together a range of services, guidance and activities, creating a remarkable place to work and further information can be found at the link below.

Looking for something else?

There is a wealth of information, guidance and support available from Human Resources relating to all aspects of employment and supporting policies and procedures. An index of information can be found at:

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