Risk Assessment

The following guidance should be read in conjunction with the University’s Maternity Leave Policy and Procedure.

  • A risk assessment is an essential part of the maternity process and the first assessment should be conducted as soon as possible following the announcement of the pregnancy.

  • Specific legislation is in place to protect women who are pregnant, have given birth within the last six months and those who are breastfeeding.  Therefore, the staff member and their line manager should take the time to go through the assessment together periodically in the lead up to the maternity leave and upon their return to work, keeping a record of each risk assessment undertaken.

  • It is particularly important to conduct regular assessments in the lead up to the maternity leave, as the potential risks may change throughout the different stages of pregnancy.

The information and guidance below has been provided to assist with conducting risk assessments during pregnancy and following a return from maternity leave.

FamilyRisk Assessment for New and Expectant Mothers

It is essential to conduct a risk assessment and take any appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of New and Expectant Mothers, by completing the risk assessment form provided by Health and Safety.

FamilyHealth & Safety

If you need further advice and support on carrying out risk assessments, please contact Health and Safety.

FamilyHealth & Safety Executive (HSE) Guidance: New and Expectant Mothers

Regulation 16 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 places a duty on employers to carry out a risk assessment in respect of new or expectant mothers.

Further information can be found at the links below:

FamilyBreastfeeding & Risk Assessments

The University has a legal duty of care to remove any hazards to breastfeeding mothers and therefore, a risk assessment should be conducted, using the form below.

Staff who wish to breastfeed following their return to work, should inform their line manager to discuss arrangements for a private, healthy and safe environment to be made available for the nursing mother to express and store milk. The staff member should also be provided with reasonable time to do this.

Further information in relation to new mothers at work can be found at the links below:

Further guidance and support 

FamilyFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions relating to all aspects of family leave, the FAQs below have been developed to support and guide both staff and managers.

FamilyFamily Leave

If you need information, guidance and support relating any of the family leave provisions available to staff at the University of Sheffield, this can be found at the link below.

FamilyCharities & Support Networks

The following links provide details of charities and support networks which may be helpful to both staff and managers.

JuiceJuice, Everyday Health & Wellbeing

Juice helps you take care of your everyday health and wellbeing at work, bringing together a range of services, guidance and activities, creating a remarkable place to work and further information can be found at the link below.

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