Shared Parental Leave Toolkit

This toolkit has been designed to guide staff and managers through the organisation and management of shared parental leave (SPL), by providing a concise overview of what to expect and consider before, during and after shared parental leave at the University of Sheffield.

Shared Parental Leave Toolkit Index

Policy and Procedure

Shared Parental Leave Policy and Procedure


What is Shared Parental Leave (SPL)?
SPL Procedure - Flowchart
Eligibility Criteria

Before Shared Parental Leave

1. Planning
Guidance: Notice periods
Guidance: Mother curtailing her maternity leave to take SPL
Checklist: Planning Checklist for Managers
Procedure: Accrual of Annual Leave
Guidance: Antenatal Appointments

2. Notification
Form: Shared Parental Leave Notification Form
Form: Shared Parental Leave Partner Form

During Shared Parental Leave

4. During the Leave
Procedure: Altering Shared Parental Leave
Form: Period of Leave Change Form
Guidance: SPLIT days

5. Planning for Return
Guidance: Re-induction to work
Homepage: Flexible Working
Homepage: Pay Plus for Childcare
Homepage: Parental Leave (Family Leave)
Homepage: Parents@TUoS

After Shared Parental Leave

6. Returning from Leave
Form: Risk Assessment
Homepage: Pay Plus for Childcare
Guidance: Time off for Dependants
Homepage: Parental Leave (Family Leave)
Homepage: Parents@TUoS

Further Guidance and Support

Homepage: Family Leave
FAQs: Family Leave
Support Networks
Guidance: If things don’t go to plan
Homepage: Juice, Everyday Health and Wellbeing