3. Making a flexible working request

This procedure is to be used for all requests for flexible working arrangements, regardless of whether they require a change to the employment contract.

Staff should be aware that if following the submission of their request, they will not have a statutory right to make a further request for a period of 12 months. In exceptional circumstances, discretion may be applied by the staff member’s manager, to consider a further request within a 12 month period.

Complete Flexible Working Request Form

The member of staff should complete the Flexible Working Request Form and send to their manager.

Upon recieving a request, if the manager agrees that the request is an acceptable arrangement, which will benefit the department and the member of staff, they may choose to agree it without meeting with the staff member.  See Agreement of flexible working arrangement and trial periods.

Where further consideration and discussion is required, the manager will arrange a formal meeting with the member of staff to discuss their application in more detail.  See Consideration of a flexible working request.