Reserve Forces Training & Mobilisation - Guiding Principles

The University of Sheffield recognises the valuable contribution that Reservists make to the UK Armed Forces, their local communities, as well as the University.

The University supports staff who are also members of the Reserve Forces.


University employees who are members of, or wish to join, the Reserve Forces.

Key Principles:

1. To enable the University to provide Reservist employees with the appropriate support, Reservists will be required to inform the University that they are members of the Reserve Forces and the specific force they belong to. It is essential for Reservists to seek prior approval from their manager if they intend to volunteer for High Readiness Reservist status, which will make them liable to be deployed with minimal notice. Reservist employees are also required to grant permission for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to write directly to the University to provide the ‘Employer Notification’.

2. In line with The Reserve Forces (Safeguarding of Employment) Act 1985, the University will ensure that Reservist employees are not placed at a disadvantage or discriminated against as a result of their military duties or their liability to be mobilised.

3. Where reasonable notice has been provided, the University will allow Reservist employees up to a maximum of 5 days paid leave of absence a year, in addition to annual leave, to attend necessary military service training. Reservist employees will be expected to use their annual leave entitlement for any additional training requirements.

4. The University, subject to appropriate notification of mobilisation and unless there are exceptional circumstances, will release employees mobilised for Reservists duties from their normal University duties.

5. The Reservist employee’s salary will be suspended during the period of mobilisation, however, the University will ensure that there will be no loss to their continuity of service with the University or service related benefits (for further details see Section 3.3).

6. In line with The Reserve Forces (Safeguarding of Employment) Act 1985, following the completion of mobilised service, the University will reinstate the Reservist employee, where possible, to their former role. In cases where this is not possible, for example in the event of organisational change, the University will ensure that every effort is made to fully explore suitable alternative employment and redeployment opportunities, in accordance with the University’s Change Management Policy and Procedures.

7. Where the Reservist employee is unable to take any accrued annual leave before their period of mobilised service, the University will allow the employee to carry over this leave into the new leave year (if applicable), following their return to employment within the University.

8. The University will provide appropriate support to the Reservist employee to enable them to perform effectively following their period of mobilisation.

How the University supports this:

  • The University will provide support and guidance for both managers and Reservist employees on how best to manage work arrangements and relationships before, during and after periods of mobilisation.
  • The University will recognise the importance and value of the training undertaken by Reservists and how their commitment enables them to develop skills and abilities that are of benefit to both the individual and the University.

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