5. Agreement of flexible working arrangement and trial periods

The approval and implementation of flexible working arrangements may be subject to a trial period, to ensure the effectiveness and suitability of the arrangement for both the department and the member of staff.

Trial periods will be on the basis that:

  • they are short term, not normally extending beyond 3 months;
  • all parties agree to undertake the trial;
  • all parties should agree in advance the measures for the success of the trial period;
  • all parties may agree to extend the timescales of the trial period if felt necessary.

If the flexible working arrangements require a change to the staff member’s employment contract and are subject to the completion of a trial period, this condition will be included within the staff member’s contract amendment letter, sent by Human Resources.

If the member of staff successfully completes the trial period, their appointment will continue based upon the terms and conditions set out in their contract amendment letter.

If the flexible working arrangement is found to be unsatisfactory, the member of staff will revert back to their normal working arrangements.

The manager should advise Human Resources if the trial period is unsuccessful and any required action.

Before a final decision is made in relation to the request, the manager and the staff member should first explore whether other suitable flexible working options may be accommodated.