Volunteering1Guidance on Volunteering

The University is committed to taking an active role in the community. As part of this commitment, the University, where possible, would like to support those staff wishing to participate in voluntary activities, to enhance the wellbeing and development of all staff.

For the purposes of this guidance, volunteering is defined as carrying out tasks or providing services for individuals or community organisations without financial compensation.

Volunteering may be for a one off event over a day/number of days or may be a regular commitment (weekly/monthly etc).

The following additional guidance is also available:

Provision for Leave

The University will give consideration to releasing a member of staff during work time, to take a reasonable amount of time off to participate in voluntary activities. This may include using flexible working arrangements, annual leave, or unpaid leave. For example:

For Regular Volunteering Commitments:

Staff members who wish to participate in a regular voluntary activity, may seek to agree a flexible working arrangement with their manager, to accommodate these regular voluntary commitments.

For example: A staff member may request to start work early to accommodate leaving early to attend their voluntary activity or perform their voluntary duties.

For one off Volunteering Events:

Staff who apply for voluntary opportunities which are for a full day or more, may seek to use part of their annual holiday entitlement, apply for additional leave or agree with their manager a short period of unpaid leave, to accommodate time off for such events.

For example: A staff member may request to take 2 days unpaid leave to accommodate participation at a volunteering event.

This provision complements, but is not intended to be taken in addition to, the time off permitted for civic and public duties.