Volunteering3Voluntary Work – Guiding Principles

The University is committed to its civic responsibility by taking an active role in the community. As part of this commitment, the University, where possible, would like to support those staff wishing to participate in voluntary activities, to enhance the wellbeing and development of all staff.


All employees.

Definition of Voluntary Work

For the purpose of these principles, the procedure, and supporting guidance, voluntary work/volunteering is defined as carrying out tasks or providing services for individuals or community organisations without financial payment or compensation.

Key Principles:

1. The University recognises the positive and meaningful impact of staff participating in voluntary activities:

  • To make a difference to people’s lives;
  • To be part of and contribute to the local community or environment;
  • To learn or develop new skills or enhance skills;
  • To meet new people and gain new experiences for personal development;
  • To gain confidence, motivation and a sense of achievement,
  • To enhance social/personal wellbeing;
  • To enhance work-life balance.

2. When considering applications for staff wishing to volunteer, it is important for managers to assess the possible benefits such arrangements may bring to the individual and the workforce.

3. When considering the use of flexible working arrangements, to accommodate voluntary activities, it is important for managers to assess and evaluate the potential business implications, for instance, but not limited to, the potential impact on costs, supervision, other staff and the department’s clients/customers.

4. It is important for all staff to recognise that any request to undertake voluntary work will be considered on an individual basis and will be made in line with business needs.

How the University supports this guidance:

  • The University will provide support and guidance for both managers and staff on how best to implement and manage flexible working arrangements and relationships to accommodate voluntary activities.
  • The University will provide managers with guidance on how to consider requests for volunteering fairly.
  • The University’s Juice initiative offers a range of services, guidance and activities to helps staff take care of your everyday and health and wellbeing at work.

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