Time Off for Exceptional Circumstances

The following non-exhaustive list of scenarios is provided for guidance purposes only.

All requests from staff for time off for exceptional circumstances will require prior agreement from their manager. It will be at the manager’s discretion as to the length of time off that is granted and, where more than one leave option is available, which leave type is utilised.

Time Off Scenarios

Leave Type

Time off for
Medical Appointments
(Sickness Absence Policy)
Time off
for Dependants
Flexible Working Annual Leave Authorised
Paid Leave
Authorised Unpaid Leave* Compassionate Leave Civic & Public Duties
You have to attend hospital for an essential surgical procedure which involves an inpatient stay X
Your child’s school or nursery is closed because of the weather X X X X
Your child is unwell and unable to attend school/ nursery/childminder X X X
One of your pipes have burst and there is a flood in your home X X
You are moving home X
Your child develops an illness overnight which requires hospital admission X X X
There is a burglary at your home and the Police have called X X
You would like to attend the funeral of an acquaintance X
You will be attending the funeral of a close relative X
You have a hospital appointment X
You have been summoned to attend court for jury duty X
You are a reservist and require time off for training X X X X
You are at risk of redundancy and have an interview to attend at another organisation X
You are having cosmetic surgery, which is not medically required X X
You need urgent dental treatment X

* In agreeing Unpaid Leave, the staff member should be made aware that this arrangement will have salary (deduction of pay) and pension implications. It is essential that Unpaid Leave is recorded in myTeam as "Authorised Unpaid Absence".