Professional Leave of Absence

1. Principles

It is recognised that members of the Academic, Administrative, or other Specialist and Professional staff may need to be absent from Sheffield from time to time for academic or professional reasons (e.g. to attend conferences, to act as external examiners overseas, etc.), or to take part in national trade union activities or other duties of a public nature. All such absences should be made known to the Head of Department in accordance with departmental practice. Any absence for a period exceeding five consecutive days (or a shorter period where the absence would prevent the member of staff completing academic duties, e.g. in teaching or examining) requires the prior permission of the Head of Department and will be recorded as Professional Leave of Absence.

2. Duration

Professional Leave of Absence may be granted for any period of up to four weeks, but must not exceed six weeks in total in any one session. An application for Professional Leave of Absence in excess of four weeks will normally be treated as an application for Special Leave.

3. Application for Leave

Applications for Professional Leave of Absence should be made to the Head of Department.

4. Records

Complete records of Professional Leave of Absence should be kept by Heads of Department for their staff and for themselves and be submitted annually to the Department of Human Resources.