Preparation for a Stress Risk Assessment

The stress risk assessment process is managed by Human Resources. You should contact a member of your Faculty HR team to discuss the stress risk assessment process.

Sources of stress

Questions to ask


  • Do you feel you have just the right amount of work to do (i.e. not too much or not too little)?
  • Have you had sufficient training to do your job?
  • Are there any problems with your work environment?


  • Are you able to have some say about how your job is done?
  • Do you feel included in decision making in the team?
  • Do you feel you are using the skills you have got to full effect?


  • Do you feel that you get enough support from your line manager?
  • Do you feel you get enough support from colleagues?
  • Do you take the breaks you are entitled to at work?
  • Do you feel you have a healthy work-life balance?


  • Are you affected by any conflict in the team?
  • Are you subjected to any bullying or harassment at work?
  • Do you feel the team works well together?


  • Are you clear about your roles and responsibilities at work?
  • Do you feel that there is any conflict in your role?
  • Do you understand others roles in the team?


  • Are you made aware of any changes that are happening at work?
  • Do you understand why the change is happening?
  • Do you understand the impact on your job of any change?
  • Do you feel well supported during change at work?

For additional tools to help staff to work safely and healthily see the Managers Wellbeing Toolkit.