Special Leave

1. Principles

Special Leave may be granted to members of Academic, Administrative, Management and Professional Specialisation staff to enable them to accept a temporary appointment elsewhere or to undertake approved work outside the University for which Study Leave is either unavailable or inappropriate.

2. Duration

Any period exceeding four weeks but not more than one year in total. Any application for an extension of leave beyond one year will be considered only in exceptional circumstances.

Applications for periods of Study and Special Leave which run consecutively up to a total period of one year will be considered provided the application for Special Leave is supported by the head of department.

3. Replacement

Decisions about replacement staffing will be made by the appropriate body or Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor for staff in academic departments, taking into account the departmental budget concerned, including any savings on salary costs arising from the financial arrangements agreed for the leave.

4. Financial Arrangements

The University will normally continue to pay its share of the superannuation and any appropriate national insurance contributions due throughout the period of leave up to a maximum of twelve months. These will be a charge against the departmental budget as will the cost of any replacement which may be authorised.

Please note that if the period of leave is undertaken overseas arrangements for paying National Insurance Contributions may be different and you must contact your Faculty HR team.

If the external remuneration available is such that the member of staff would be in a substantially worse position financially than would have been the case if not granted leave, and the purposes for which the leave is to be taken are judged to serve the best interests of the University, then the University may at its discretion seek to restore the individual's financial position by allocating all or part of any funds which remain after the prior charges (to cover superannuation, national insurance and any replacement) have been covered.

5. Applications for Leave

Applicants must submit a convincing case for leave and must include a full statement of the scheme of work proposed, together with the planned dates of departure from and return to the University.

Staff in academic departments wishing to apply for Special Leave should first consult the members of the department. Clinical Academics are responsible for liaising with the relevant NHS Trust to ensure their clinical duties can be covered for their proposed period of Special Leave, and for communicating their confirmed Special Leave absences with the Trust when approved. Applications should then be made using the appropriate form (obtainable from the Department of Human Resources) which should be submitted to the Head of Department. If the application is supported, the Head of Department will add comments and send the form to the Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor for consideration. The office of the Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor will coordinate the appropriate letters of notification to the claimant, in liaison with the Department of Human Resources.

Staff in professional/support departments should submit the Special Leave form to the Head of Department who, if supporting the application, will add comments and forward it to the Department of Human Resources.

In addition, every applicant must submit to the Pay & Pensions Officer a financial statement (forms available from the Department of Human Resources), so that the financial implications of the leave can be assessed.

Applications for Special Leave may be submitted at any time but must follow the above procedures.

6. General

Special Leave will not normally be approved for more than a total of one year in seven.

Periods of Special Leave amounting to one semester or more will be excluded from the period of service in the University which may be counted towards eligibility for Study Leave.

A person granted Special Leave may be required to submit a report on completion of the leave. This will be notified at the time of approval of the leave.

Special Leave will be granted to probationary staff only in exceptional circumstances. Where leave during probation is applied for, the comments of the Head of Department on the proposed leave should include details of the arrangements that will be made for the oversight of teaching (including a note on the teaching load while on leave if appropriate) and research programmes and/or other duties during the leave period. If such information is not given, any leave granted would not be accepted as part of the probationary period of service.

Staff who feel aggrieved at the manner in which their application for Special Leave has been dealt with at the departmental or Faculty level, should contact the Director of Human Resource Management for consideration.