Process for all staff

1. Staff wishing to resign from the University should write to their Line Manager stating clearly the date on which they wish their resignation to become effective (taking account of the required contractual notice period - see details below). It is also helpful if staff are prepared to give their reasons for resigning from the University. Periods of notice longer than those contractually required will be accepted.

2. When a letter of resignation is received, the Line Manager should arrange a leaving discussion with the employee in order to discuss handover arrangements and gather the information needed to trigger the Human Resources process. See the downloads section for a pro-forma to help facilitate this discussion.

3. The Line Manager should complete the online leavers form to inform Human Resources that the employee is leaving. The written notification should be attached.

4. Upon receiving the resignation details, Human Resources will issue a letter to the individual confirming their resignation and the date on which their employment with the University will cease.

5. Staff in any doubt about the effective date of resignation, having regard to their contractual notice period, should contact Human Resources for advice.

Contractual Notice Periods

  • Grades 1-6 = 4 weeks
  • Grades 7-9 = 3 months*
  • Professorial and equivalent = 3 months*

(*Academic/teaching staff see below)

Please note that for staff wishing to retire, it can take up to 3 months for pension payments to be processed. As such it is advisable to provide as much notice as possible to avoid possible delays to the pension payments.

Academic/teaching Staff

To ensure that student support is maintained, if you have a contractual requirement to deliver teaching, you must provide three months' notice, for your resignation to take effect at the end of the appropriate University semester:

Relevant Dates for Academic/Teaching Staff

Autumn Semester Spring Semester
Notice must be given by To take effect on or after* Notice must be given by To take effect on or after*
31 October 1 February 28 February 1 June

*A termination date may be agreed to take effect on any date between:

  • 1 February and 31 May
  • 1 June and 31 January

It will be at the discretion of your Head of Department to give consideration to requests to finish between semesters.

Annual Leave

Staff should ensure that any accrued annual leave is taken prior to leaving the University. However, under exceptional circumstances staff are entitled to ​payment in lieu of outstanding annual leave entitlement. Please make this clear when completing the online leavers form.

P45 Forms

Individuals who have resigned from the University will receive their P45 form by post to their home address with their final payslip. As it is not possible for the Payroll & Expenses Office to issue duplicate copies of P45 forms, individuals should ensure that their address details are up to date on myJob. Any queries regarding the issue of P45 forms should be directed to the Payroll & Expenses Office.

Further Information

Please do not hesitate to contact your HR Team.

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