Absence Management Alerts

The Absence Management Alerts will display any staff member who has been absent due to illness for a period totaling 10 working days during a 12 month period (pro-rated for part-time staff) or where a staff member has had 4 absences during a 12 month period. When a staff member reaches this point they will appear on this report, and you will be prompted via an email as their manager or person responsible for monitoring sickness within your section or Department to review the report and hold a Return to Work Interview.

You will receive an email alert informing you when a member of staff appears on this report. To access the report, log in to myTeam and click on the "Team" link. You should then select "Absence Management Alerts" from the panel on the left hand side.

Trigger Report

Guidance on holding a Return to Work Interview can be found under the Sickness Absence Management Tools and Templates Index

Alternatively please do not hesitate to contact your Faculty HR Team Contact.

Once held, the date of the Return to Work Interview should be recorded on the report above in the relevant field. It should also be indicated if any further action was required following the meeting. Once recorded you should click the Interview Done button which will then remove the staff member from the report.