Amending or Deleting a Sickness Absence Record in myTeam

You will need to edit a sickness absence record you have already entered when:

  • The sickness absence is for a longer period then originally entered. For example If you record an absence for one day only and the staff member does not return you must edit the entry rather than create a new one for the additional absence.
  • You need to add additional information to the record. For example the date of a return to Work Interview, or noting that the absence was Work or Disability Related. Further guidance on when to enter or record this information is available from the Additional Information under the quick links heading to the right of the screen.

    Alternativley please do not hesitate to contact your Faculty HR Team Contact.

You may need to delete an absence record you have already entered when:

  •  There is a collision. For example the staff member already had a period of absence booked.
  • In this circumstance you may need to delete an absence record in order to enter the correct details.
  • Always check the absence history section which displays all types of absence to ensure that the period of sickness has been recorded correctly.

How to edit an absence record