Delegating Tasks in myTeam and e-Recruitment

myTeam and e-Recruitment allow the allocation of various roles which give you the flexibility to assign the right roles to the right people within your department. To see details of what roles are available in each system please see the links to the right hand side of this page.

You are able to delegate certain tasks such as the Approval of Leave, Contract Administration Approval Requests and Job Requisition Approval Requests by using Substitution Rules. The instructions below detail how to set these rules up.

Please note, it is not possible to delegate access to your myJob account due to the sensitive information, such as bank details, which can be viewed and amended through this system.

To create or activate a Substitution Rule log on to myTeam/e-Recruitment  and click on the "Messages" Tab. Messages


Click on the button next to "Hide Preview" and then click "Manage Substitution Rules" on the following dropdown menu. 

This will cause a new window to open. Please ensure that you have turned off your popup blocker as this can prevent the window from opening. Instructions on how to allow popups can be found on the right hand side of this page.

To create a new rule, click on the "Create Rule" button, as shown below.

Create Rule

You can then search for the person you wish to delegate these tasks to. They will need to have the relevant approval authority for the tasks that you assign them, please contact Business Solutions on extension 21606 if you would like to check this.

You can enter either the person's name or their user name into the field shown below, click select to search.

You will also need to select what you want the person you are nominating to do. Selecting "Fill in For Me" will allow you to set this rule up once and for it to be activated either by yourself or the person you are nominating.


Highlight the individual you wish to select and click apply to choose them.

Select person

You can then select the tasks you would like to delegate to the person you have selected. For Leave Approvals select "Annual Leave", for e-Recruitment/Contract Administration Approvals select "Recruitment/Contracts". Clicking "Next" will allow you to activate the rule.

Select Tasks

You can activate the rule to start immediately, on a particular date or you can set it up in an inactive state, allowing you or your nominee to activate this at a later date. Clicking "Save" as shown below will activate this rule. 


Once activated you can turn the rule off or on via the "Manage Substitution Rules" screen shown below. Your nominee will also have the ability to turn this off/on should they be required to do so.

Turn Off