Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

If your question is not covered in this section please contact your customary HR Assistant.

Topic Issues Include:
Absence Lieu time, compassionate leave, holiday, recording and monitoring
Annual leave process Urgent requests, cancellation of annual leave, calculation of annual leave entitlement, 'carry forward' of leave, 'purchase' of additional leave
HR Contractual Monitoring hours, contract extensions, data migration, flexible working
SRDS Viewing data, awards, student workers
myJob Viewing online payslips, requesting annual leave, viewing and amending personal, address and bank details
Equality Data How and why is your equality data collected, stored and monitored
myJob - Access & Security Logging in, accessing myJob remotely, questions about security
myTeam Resignations, salary history, authorisation rights, leave status
myTeam - Access & Security Logging in, accessing myTeam remotely, questions about security
Reporting New reports, forthcoming team absences
External systems Corporate Time, email/phone directories, LMS, photos
Sickness recording Support for departments, managing sickness, notifying sickness, cutover for sickness reporting systems
Online Payslips Accessing and printing online payslips.