Payslip - FAQs

What is an online payslip?

An online payslip is a monthly payslip which is available for staff to view online on their computer screen.

Why has the University introduced online payslips?

Online payslips have been introduced as part of the Open Finance, HR & Payroll Project which aims to improve systems and access to information across the University. Online payslips provide several advantages to staff and the University including:

  • they are more secure than printed payslips as they are accessed via MUSE from myJob, so individual username and passwords are required
  • they can be accessed quickly and easily from any computer, on and off campus
  • staff can access previous online payslips
  • online payslips help the University to meet its commitment to reducing its environmental impact by reducing the amount of paper printed, and the energy required to deliver printed payslips around the campus
  • they raise staff awareness and encourage usage of the other self-service functions available via myJob, myTeam and myPurchase.

How/where do I access my online payslip?

You can access your online payslip by following these simple steps:
  • Step one: visit MUSE by clicking on the ‘MUSE’ icon on the University homepage. Enter your usual University staff username and password
  • Step two: click on the ‘My Services’ tab.
  • Step three: click on ‘myJob/myTeam/e-Recruitment’ link.
  • Step four: click on the ‘View Payslip’ tab. Your online payslip will open

A screen-shot showing how to access online payslips via myJob can be viewed here.

My payslip includes a payment for OSP or SSP - what does this mean?

If you have taken sick leave during the last few months and your department has logged it in the system during the period covered by your current payslip, this will appear as either:
OSP - Occupational Sick Pay, or
SSP - Statutory Sick Pay.
Your basic pay will have been reduced by the corresponding amount, but your total pay will not be affected, unless you have moved on to half or no pay.

Will the online payslip affect my pay or pension?

No, the online payslip is simply a change in the way that you receive notification of your pay. Your pay will still be transferred via BACs directly into your bank account on the last working day of each month.

How long will my online payslip be available to view for?

You will always be able to access your most recent payslip online, plus all previous online payslips.

Do I need a new username and password?

No, your current username and password will automatically be applied to MUSE and myJob.

Do I need to install any new software to access my online payslip?

The online payslip uses a PDF reader to enable you to view your payslip. Therefore if you are using a non-managed machine you must install a pdf reader in order to view your pay slip.

As access to my payslip is available through myJob, I would like to change my password to ensure security, how do I do this?

You can change your University password here

I haven’t used MUSE before/don’t use MUSE very often and I am concerned about using it – will I need training to access my online payslip?

No, it is easy to access your online payslip – just follow the steps detailed under 'How/where do I access my online payslip?', above.

When in the month will I be able to view my online payslip?

Online payslips will normally be available at least one working day before salaries are paid. You will not receive formal notification that your online payslip is available to view so you may wish to set a regular reminder, e.g. in myCalendar.

Can I access my online payslip at home?

Yes, you can access your online payslip from any computer by logging into MUSE and then accessing myJob, although as with any confidential information, it is recommended that caution is exercised when using shared computers, or computers in shared offices or public areas.

For security reasons, if you wish to access myJob from a computer off-campus you will need to setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Detailed instructions on VPN setup can be found here

Can I print my online payslip?

Yes, online payslips can be printed in the same way that you would print any other document when using a pdf viewer. Simply select the print icon in the pdf viewer, which will appear above your payslip. Your payslip will print on your default printer so you are advised to ensure that this is a printer that you will be able to access immediately to collect your printed payslip. As with any confidential information, it is recommended that caution is exercised when using shared printers, or printers in shared offices or public areas.

How will I receive my payslip if I am away from the University, e.g. for maternity leave, study leave or on secondment?

Staff who are away from the campus for long periods of time will be entitled to apply to receive paper payslips by completing the form available here.

Can I view my online payslip on a Mac or PC?

Yes, online payslips can be accessed via both Macs and PCs.

How often can I view my online payslips?

As often as you like.

Can I access my previous paper payslips online?

No. Your previous paper payslips will not be available online but a record of your online payslips will build up from the date that you first start to receive online payslips.

What is the legal position regarding the provision of payslips?

Employers are obliged to provide employees with an itemised payslip on or before payday. This requirement is met by the provision of online payslips.

Have you consulted with the Trade Unions?

Yes. We kept the campus trade unions informed and shared copies of the documentation prior to the launch of online payslips.

Will I receive my P45 and P60 online?

No. P45s will continue to be provided to staff as printed documents produced by the Payroll Office. P60s can be viewed online for tax years from 2015/16 onwards. Click here for instructions on how to view P60s.

My mortgage lender and/or bank requires a hard copy of my payslips, can I still receive paper payslips if required?

Financial institutions such as mortgage lenders should accept a printed copy of your online payslip. If you experience any problems, you can request an authorised payslip or Statement of Earnings from the Payroll Office. Please note that there may be a short delay in providing this information e.g. if the request is received during the period in which payroll is running.

What happens if there is a fault with my computer or uBASE. Will I still get paid?

Yes. You will still get paid even if, due to technical problems, you can’t access your online payslip. If myJob should become unexpectedly unavailable for any reason, we will notify staff as soon as possible.

Will my online payslips be ‘backed up’ in case of serious technical problems?

Yes. All personal information in myJob, including online payslips, will be backed-up on a regular basis.

Are online payslips secure?

Online payslips will be accessed via myJob, which is extremely secure. However, as with any confidential information, it is recommended that caution is exercised when accessing or printing online payslips using shared computers and printers; or computers and printers in shared offices or public areas.

myJob will perform an automatic log off if the system has been idle for more than 15 minutes. However, you are advised to take the following security precautions:
  • Don't leave your office with your computer still logged on to myJob, either log off, or lock the workstation.
  • Don't share your password with anyone
  • Change your password if you think your security is in danger of being breached.

Can I receive both a paper and online payslip?

Staff who are not able to access a computer to view their online payslip will be eligible to request a paper payslip. However, all other staff will receive payslips online only. Staff may choose to print their online payslips if they wish to keep a printed copy.

If I don't like the online payslip can I choose to change back to a paper payslip?

No. In line with our commitment to reducing the University's impact on the environment, paper payslips will only be made available to staff who are not able to access a computer to view their online payslip or those that have some other exceptional circumstance that may warrant a paper payslip.

What happens if I change location or job within the University?

You will still receive an online payslip. However, if you are appointed to a job in which you are not able to access a computer to view your online payslips you may be eligible to receive a paper payslip and should complete the form available on these web pages.

What should I do if I think the details on my online payslips are not correct?

If you wish to query any part of your online payslip please contact the Payroll Office on tel. ext. 21590.

Do I need to view my online payslip to get paid?

No. You will still be paid automatically on the last working day of each month, regardless of whether or not you have viewed your online payslip. However, it is recommended that all staff view their payslips on a regular basis, to check that payments and deductions are correct.

How will I be able to access my online payslips if I leave the University?

Your online payslips will be available via your myJob account, which will end if your employment at the University ends. It is recommended that staff who leave the University access and print the payslips that they require – e.g. those for the current financial year - before their employment ends, as they will not be able to access myJob after they have left the University.

Will payslips be accessible by my manager through myTeam?

No. Payslips and bank account details are only accessible through your own myJob pages, accessed by your own username and password.