How to Record Sickness Absence in myTeam

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The guidance below applies to ALL staff members whether they are full time, part-time or work different hours each day.


  • Consecutive full days of leave should be entered as 1 ‘block’. For example if a staff member is absent on a Monday and a Tuesday this should be recorded as one entry.
  • If you are unsure when the staff member may return to work you should enter the last day of the current calendar month. A report can then be run to identify these instances and the record updated as required.
  • If you record an absence for one day only and the staff member does not return you must edit the entry rather than create a new one for the additional absence. Having multiple entries for 1 period of sickness may incorrectly trigger alerts within the system.


  • When recording a ‘normal’ full day of sickness for a staff member you should not enter the hours of absence.
  • If you are recording a ‘partial day’ of sickness you a should record the relevant time the staff member is absent for using the start time and end time fields.
  • If you are recording a ‘partial day’ of sickness it must be recorded separately from any full days. For example if you are entering 1.5 days consecutive sickness from 12.7.2013 to 13.7.2013 starting on the afternoon of 12.7.2013, the partial day should be recorded as one instance with the relevant times recorded and the full day should be recorded separately using the dates only. This will be recorded as 2 separate periods of absence, however should you receive an email alert advising the individual has subsequently had 4 periods of absence this need not necessarily be enacted upon if by discounting the entry double entry the periods of absence reduces below 4.

Additional Fields:

The other fields are available for you to record additional information regarding the staff member's sickness. For information on when to use these fields or guidance on how to retrospectivley add this data to an existing record please see the information available from the quick links section to the right of the screen.

Alternativley please do not hesitate to contact your Faculty HR Team Contact