Enabling and Enhancing Performance

Recognising and Reinforcing Good Performance

When an individual is performing well, feedbacks and discussions will be about recognising their achievements and identifying areas where further support can be provided, for example:

  • Reinforcing the behaviours/actions etc, that contribute to the good performance;
  • Identifying aspects of their current role they can continue to develop;
  • Exploring ways to continue their development and skills;
  • Opportunities to be involved in different activities to maintain motivation;
  • Discussions around their aspirations and how they might work towards them.

Continuing Development

Employee development should be an on-going process aimed at supporting sustained good performance as well as to facilitate excellence. It can be achieved through a range of informal and formal learning that supports the individual to increase their range of transferable skills/knowledge and experience.

Measures to support development can be provided, for example:

  • When reviewing performance identify areas for development and set targets;
  • Providing any appropriate on and off the job training e.g. learning from colleagues; shared learning from networking; shadowing; mentoring; involvement in projects; deputising for colleagues etc.
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for employees to coach or train others in specialist skills.

The Learning Management System (LMS) provides a catalogue of training and development programmes for you to make use of.

Supporting Aspirations

  • Supporting aspirations resembles continuing development in a number of ways.
  • Where it differs is that the focus is on understanding what the employee wants out of their role that they are currently not getting, and how you can help them achieve that.
  • In performance review meetings discuss with the employee what they would like to achieve.
  • If able to, provide opportunities for employees to access new experiences and training provisions, in line with business need.
  • Encourage employees to take the initiative and generate ideas in how these can be realistically supported.

Managing Under-Performance

Detailed guidance on managing under-performance is available.