Resolving Workplace Issues


Grievance Policy

This policy outlines the principles to help deal with grievances fairly, promptly and at the point of origin

Grievance Procedure

This procedure outlines the processes to help deal with grievances fairly, promptly and at the point of origin.

Dispute Resolution Toolkit

This toolkit provides a good practice guide to support managers to manage grievances effectively.


These principles outline the processes to support managers and staff to work together to resolve disputes and conflicts at a local level to ensure minimum disruption to the delivery of the University’s mission and vision and to maintain a high level of morale and performance.

Dignity at Work

This toolkit provides information and guidance on Dignity at Work for investigating and responding to allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation.. 

Public Interest Disclosure

This policy is designed to allow staff, students and all members of University bodies (eg University Committees and Faculty Boards) to raise, at a high level, concerns or information that they believe in good faith provides evidence of malpractice or impropriety. Individuals discovering apparent evidence of malpractice, impropriety or wrongdoing within the University should feel able to disclose the information appropriately, without fear of reprisal.

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Performance, Capability & Conduct

Information, guidance and support relating to the management of performance, capability and misconduct issues.

Sickness & Absence Through Ill Health

Information, guidance and support relating to good practice aimed at preventing ill health, the effective management of sickness absence when it occurs and the rehabilitation of staff where reasonable.

Staff Wellbeing

The Staff Wellbeing programme helps you take care of your everyday health and wellbeing at work, bringing together a range of services, guidance and activities, creating a remarkable place to work.

Equality & Diversity

Information and guidance relating to the University's commitment to creating an inclusive University community which encourages everyone to flourish and reach their potential within a positive and supportive culture.

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