Heads of Departments

As Head of Department, you are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the DRP takes a strategic overview of the performance of all staff in the department with reference to the achievement of departmental, faculty and University objectives.
  • Chairing the Departmental Review Panel (DRP) and leading the panel discussions when making decisions to determine how the Faculty and Departmental objectives should be included in individual objectives for all staff and over whether staff will be rewarded through incremental progression.
  • Ensuring that SRDS is implemented for all staff in your department on an annual basis. Responsibility for managing the process within the department may be delegated to a senior colleague as appropriate.
  • Ensuring at the second DRP meeting that good quality and relevant feedback has been given to reviewees.
  • Ensuring that the process is kept under review at departmental level in order to meet University requirements and to be both efficient and effective in order to provide maximum benefit to the department and to individual staff.
  • Appointing an SRDS Co-ordinator to manage the administrative aspects of the process if appropriate.

You can find more information on the DRP here.