Staff Review and Development Scheme - SRDS


Your SRDS review is the forum for an annual discussion between you and your manager to: review your progress against previous objectives and role expectations; provide feedback; discuss future plans and set objectives; and plan your support and development.

The feedback that you receive on your performance and contribution should help to inform reward and promotion decisions. Please see Rewarding Contribution to find out more.

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Development Everywhere

There are opportunities for development everywhere. To help facilitate your learning and develop your skills at a time and in a way that suits you, these webpages include a range of resources, such as learning events, videos, online resources and books, focussing on four key development themes.

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Information on developing the leadership and management skills, behaviours and knowledge of University staff at all levels including The Sheffield Leader and guidance for Academic Heads of Department.

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There is a wealth of information, guidance and support available from Human Resources relating to all aspects of employment and supporting policies and procedures. An index of information can be found at:

Alternatively, if you are unable to find the information you require, please contact your HR Team contact