SRDS Information Briefing online presentation

Who is this presentation aimed at?

If you are new to the University or would like to refresh your skills then this 20 minute presentation will give you the information you need in order to participate in the University’s staff review and development scheme (SRDS).

What does the presentation cover?

The 20 minute presentation will give you information on the background, the various roles and responsibilities and the process of SRDS at the University.

Presentation purpose and objectives


The purpose of this briefing session is to provide information to those new to the University so that they can participate in the SRDS process effectively.


By the end of the presentation participants will be able to:-

• Describe the SRDS process and the different roles and responsibilities involved.

• Identify what they need to do in order to participate effectively in the scheme.

How do I view this presentation?

The SRDS Information Briefing course is now an online resource and can be accessed by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page. This is an audio presentation so you will need either a computer with speakers or headphones.

If you have any problems accessing this course then please email