Joint Academic & Clinical SRDS Reviews

Clinical academic staff are required to follow the University’s Staff Review and Development Scheme (SRDS) to review and assess the academic element of their role.

Appendix 1 sets out the various different staff groupings within the clinical academic staff category and the appraisal arrangements.

It is vital that the review of clinical and academic duties is equally balanced within an SRDS review. It is also important that the University reviewer and honorary employer reviewer understands both aspects of the role, and that they are brought together in a single meeting to review this.

Clinical academic staff reviews will be included in the Departmental Review Panel (DRP) process within SRDS, the main aims of which are to ensure that there is a consistent and thorough overview of all staff reviews, including overall performance levels, training and development needs, and alignment to Department, Faculty and University objectives.

Information on the SRDS process, including the SRDS form, can be found within the SRDS Toolkit.

Completed SRDS forms for clinical academic staff should be uploaded to either MyL2P (i.e. staff with an honorary contract with the Sheffield Teaching Trust) or the MAG form (i.e. all other staff).

If you would like further information and advice please contact the HR Team for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health.