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A Part of Sheffield Photography Exhibition 


A Part of Sheffield is a photography exhibition which shares and celebrates the stories of our non-UK EU colleagues who have made a life and home in Sheffield. The photographs show staff at work and in the places they care about in Sheffield.

Portrait photographer and local Sheffield resident, Jeremy Abrahams, was commissioned to photograph 11 members of staff who represent a range of occupations and departments across the University, and a range of other EU countries. Each participant is represented by a series of portraits and documentary-style images of them at work and in familiar places in Sheffield, helping to tell their stories about what it means to be a part of Sheffield and how they contribute to the University and the City.

The photography exhibition will be traveling to two locations on campus in August:

6 - 17 August - Jessop West Foyer
20 - 31 August - The Diamond Ground Floor Exhibition Space.

All staff are welcome to visit the exhibition and can show their support by tweeting @sheffunistaff and using the hashtags #PartofSheffield #WeAreSheffield #WeAreInternational.

Visit the project website

Childcare Vouchers - Deadline for Closure of the Scheme Extended


On Tuesday 13 March 2018 the Government agreed to extend the deadline for the closure of the Childcare Voucher scheme to new joiners for a further 6 months.

Prior to this we have communicated HMRC’s deadline for the closure of the University’s Childcare Voucher scheme and the action staff needed to take to meet the scheme deadline.

Following this new development we advise staff who are eligible to receive childcare vouchers to continue apply to join the scheme as normal. The Childcare Voucher Scheme will now close on 4th October 2018.

Due to the timing of the University's orders this will mean that the deadline for applying to join the scheme will be Friday 24th August 2018 in order to join the scheme for September 2018. This will enable staff to receive their first Childcare Voucher payment on the 10th September and receive a salary deduction before the scheme closure date of 4 October 2018.

The University will continue to monitor the situation for new developments and will advise of any further agreed changes closer to the revised deadline.

For further information including how to apply please see our webpage.

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Technician commitmentThe University of Sheffield is a signatory of the Technician Commitment and pledges to ensure visibility, recognition, career development, and sustainability for all technical staff working in higher education and research.

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