These frequently asked questions provide answers to the most commonly asked questions from international staff. If your question is not answered here please contact

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  1. How do I open a bank account?

    To open a bank account you will likely need to show the following documents at the bank to confirm your identity and address:

    • Your passport
    • Evidence of your address overseas
    • Evidence of your address in Sheffield (tenancy agreement or utility bills)
    • Proof of employment (contract)
    • Resident permit

    Once at the bank you will need to fill in an application form then pay a deposit into the account. Most bank accounts in the UK are free although fee-paying accounts with additional benefits are also available.

    There are a number of banks in Sheffield to choose from with a range of accounts and services available. The four major ("High Street") banks in Britain are: Barclays, Lloyds-TSB, HSBC and Natwest. All of these banks have branches within five minutes walk of the main campus. Other well-known banks in the area include the Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander and Yorkshire Bank. Santander has a branch in the Student Union.

  2. I am currently looking for accommodation, where are the best places to look?

    The University has a dedicated service to support house-hunting advice and maintains a list of registered private housing and University properties for staff. For details visit:

  3. How do I register with a doctor?

    General Practitioners (GP's) surgeries have catchment areas, so you will have to check whether the street where you live or will love falls into their catchment area. You can do this via the NHS Website -

  4. I have a child of school age; how do I obtain a school place?

    Education is compulsory for children between the ages of 5-16 in the UK (this will increase to the age of 18 in 2015). While some families home-educate their children, the majority send their children to state schools (which are free­), or to independent schools (which charge a fee).

    You cannot pre-book a state school place before you have an address where you will be living. Once you have this you should contact Sheffield City Council’s Pupil Admissions Team  -

  5. How do I get to Sheffield from the airport?

    There are a number of ways to travel from a UK airport to Sheffield:

    • Train
    • Road
    • Coach
    • Taxi

    You can find more information at:

  6. Do you reimburse visa fees?

    Full details of the University's visa reimbursement scheme can be found here:

    Please note that due to HMRC regulations, the payment is subject to tax and National Insurance contributions.

  7. If after I arrive and I have any visa related questions who can I contact?

    The University has a dedicated email address you can contact, please email: