Recruitment and Employment of Ex-Offenders

Following the launch of the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Disclosure Service for pre-employment criminal convictions/records checking, the University of Sheffield secured Registered Body status, enabling it to make its own applications for Disclosures for staff directly to the CRB.

In addition to this new authority, the University understands the important role that continuity of employment can play in the rehabilitation process of ex-offenders when matched with appropriate posts, and recognises its corporate social responsibility as one of the major employers in the region. In light of these factors, a Policy on the Recruitment and Employment of Ex-offenders has been agreed by the University and has been implemented with immediate effect.

The policy aims to ensure that the University of Sheffield does not unfairly discriminate against ex-offenders within the recruitment process or during employment. The Department of HR will work closely with recruiting departments and applicants to assess an ex-offender´s suitability for a post.

Links are provided to the policy and supporting documents.

For further information about the Criminal Records Bureau visit:

Department of Human Resources
June 2007