Defining the Job

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 About the Job

An effective About the Job provides applicants with essential information about the job allowing them to self select in or out of the application process. It is essential for every vacancy; an accurate job description and person specification are essential to help attract the most talented candidates.

ATJ imageAbout the Job Templates

Example About the Job Templates:

Generic About the Job examples for different roles can be found here.


A template About the Job for apprenticeships can be downloaded here.

Agency Workers

In certain circumstances where specialised skills are needed for a brief time only, it may be possible to use Agency Workers. In areas of administration/clerical, portering, security or cleaning services we have a framework agreement in place with preferred external agencies.

Casual Workers

There is also the option of engaging people directly for short-term specific work, e.g. specialist teaching, via the Casual Worker process.

Advertisements should be based on the person specification and identify a number of essential criteria in order to maximise the number of suitably qualified applicants.

All advertised posts are placed on the University of Sheffield jobs website and on the jobs board for Higher Education and the public sector (except some support roles) at no cost.

Advert templateEssential Action:

  • Complete the Advert Template using the Advert Template Guidance Notes for Recruiting Departments.
  • Use Textio to check your advert text.
  • Consider all suggested redeployees fully for the post before moving on to advertise more widely
  • If you wish to pursue external advertising, note the details within the Job Requisition Note field.
  • Liaise with your customary HR contact for all advertising action - refer any contact from external organisations directly to them.
  • Build in sufficient time in your recruitment and selection action planning to accommodate editing action for all advert, especially external adverts which will require mock-ups etc.

We have to advertise all posts for a minimum of 2 weeks, if you feel that the post will attract non-EEA candidates than we would need to advertise the post for 4 weeks and 2 days. The 2 days are to account for taking 48 hours to put the post on their site.

We are required by the UKVI (formerly UKBA) to advertise it for that period on our own site, jobs centre and to meet what is called the resident labour market test and this is required to sponsor any candidate under Tier 2 which makes them eligible to work in the UK.

If advertising externally, make sure you take into account deadlines for external advertisements


Job Requisitions are approved on-line, within e-Recruitment. Approvers assigned to a Job Requisition will be notified via their SAP Messages screen and will also receive an alert email to their University email account, when a Job Requisition is awaiting their attention.