e-Recruitment: Job Posting & Publication

Once a Job Requisition has completed the approval process and the status has changed to RELEASED, the system will then automatically alert the Recruiter and the relevant HR Assistant.

Job Posting: Is completed by Human Resources and contains the information which will appear in the advertisement for the vacancy. The Faculty HR Assistant will take the wording submitted in the draft advert, attached to the Job Requisition, and will liaise with the relevant Recruiter if any amendments are required.

Publication: The Publication screen allows the HR Assistant to define the date range the vacancy will be published for and select the group of applicants that it will be available to. The vacancy will be published to the web once the redeployment process has been completed.

Non-Web Advertisements: If the recruiting department require a vacancy to be published beyond the web, e.g. The Star, Nature, The Guardian etc. they will have provided details, including the funding code for the advertisement, in the Job Requisition Notes field. The HR Assistant will view the Job Requisition Overview to check the notes before processing the Job Posting and Publication. The Job Posting and Publication will be processed to provide the reference number, which will then be included in the advertisement text sent to the external publication.

Training Guide Process Flowchart